Dean Jenne

Dean Jenne is a Product Manager at SACO AEI Polymers, where he currently leads the product development, technical services, and commercial efforts for SACO’s PEX pipe compounds.  Dean has been involved in the plastic pipe industry for 30 years, having worked in both plastic pipe manufacturing and more recently in compounding for the plastic pressure pipe industry.  Dean has had a key role in the development and evolution of SACO’s PEX-b pipe compounds and has extensive technical expertise in silane-grafting technology.

As SACO’s representative at standards, certifications, and public safety organizations, Dean is active in the work of ASTM, CSA, and NSF.  He represents SACO at industry trade associations such as the Plastics Pipe Institute and the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association.  Dean is a past-Chair of the CSA Plastic Pressure Pipe Technical Committee and past member of the management committee of the Building and Construction Division of PPI.

A graduate of the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada, Dean holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering, and resides in Montreal, Canada.  Dean is a British car enthusiast and enjoys cycling and water sports in summer as well as skiing and snowmobiling in winter.