Sustainability at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin / PPXXI

Reducing negative environmental impacts is an important objective for the organizers of PPXXI.

Therefore, Sustainability Goals were designed to provide valuable information for participants about PPXXI environment impacts.

It is incudes the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Together with the venue we are committed for a more sustainable event. In the following ways we are reducing the PPXXI Conference environmental impact.


As with other industries, the hospitality sector continues meaningful and measurable actions to support a healthier planet for the current and future generations.  Efforts include reducing energy and water consumption as well as reducing use of consumable and durable goods.  Additional efforts focus on increasing use of sustainable materials and value-adding solid waste. For the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin, our measurable action is reflected in our daily operation. 

Also, visit this web page to learn more of Disney’s Social Responsibility:

Guest Rooms:

  • Reusable RFID Keys
  • Modified housekeeping services provided daily to reduce laundry services, which in turn, reduces water consumption.
  • Consolidation from small to large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash to reduce consumption of durable goods. reduces.
  • Newspapers offered in Lobby instead of delivered to all
  • Recycling collection receptacles in public areas

Complex Wide:

  • Recycling: Glass, Plastic, Cardboard
  • Part of the Disney Solar footprint
  • Re-lamping all lighting with energy efficient bulbs
  • Resort Transportation System (Buses, Boats, Monorail & Tram)
  • Converting to solar trash compactors where possible (location / sun)

Food & Beverage / Banquets:

  • All food products sourced locally or alternatively sustainable / organic products where possible / available
  • Food waste is composted
  • Filter and re-use food grade cooking oil then sent to recycling for conversion to bio diesel
  • Electronic banquet menus
  • Eliminated Styrofoam cups
  • Offer bottled water alternatives (flavored / bubblers) that can be used with personal water bottles
  • Condiments served in bulk
  • Artificial plants and flowers, as well as alternative centerpiece (accent) pieces

Convention Centers:

  • Paperless planning materials and tools
  • Electronic Signage
  • Emergency signage & Frames
  • Recycled paper used for all printed material / paper & flipcharts
  • Double sided printings as a default and all client requested materials
  • Recycling collection receptacles throughout convention center & available in meeting rooms
  • Zephyrhills Water Bubblers with corn stalk cups that can be used with personal water bottles
  • Clutter less meeting rooms sets (Pads, Pens & Candy on Water Stations)
  • Linen less tables available, when requested
  • Poly-cotton reusable fitted linen for meetings
  • Offer environmental or community service team building / volunteer activities